The Law as Inspiration for Beer?

Worcester Telegram Interviews Bob Young in “The Next Draft: Bowditch & Dewey law firm launches group catering to state’s craft beer industry”

“Labeling” the Government Shutdown as a First Amendment Violation?

Beer: The Most Important Meal of the Day?


‘Take One Down, Pass it Around?’ TTB Adopts New Procedure To Facilitate Transfers of Beer Between Brewers

New York Yankees, baseball, beer

Yer Out! MLB Tells the New York Yankees They Can’t Put Players’ Faces on Beer

Going “Medieval” on Trademark Enforcement

Trick or Treat? “Zombie” Trademarks Can Be Frightening

Being the Bearer of Bad News – How to Handle an Employee Termination Meeting

new brewery bootcamp

New Brewery Bootcamp

cold mug of beer

Drawing (Or, More Accurately, Pouring) a Blank?

Changes Brewing? Massachusetts Considers Revamping Nearly Century-old Alcohol Laws

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