Is Crowdfunding for You?


‘Take One Down, Pass it Around?’ TTB Adopts New Procedure To Facilitate Transfers of Beer Between Brewers

beer barrels

Beer Franchise Law: A New Bill Emerges From Committee

Massachusetts Legislature Passes Long-Awaited Non-Compete Law

Craft beer bottle

Crafty Labels Bring Risks of Litigation

Don’t Let These Mistakes Trip Up Your Start-Up!

farmers market

Free Market: Brewers May Soon Be Able to Sell at Farmers Markets

No THC with ABV: Commission Blocks Marijuana in Alcoholic Beverages


Six Things You Didn’t Know About Trademarks

Following the Stone Brewing-MillerCoors Trademark Dispute: MillerCoors Responds

Stone Brewing MillerCoors lawsuit

Like a Rolling STONE: Stone Brewing’s Trademark Dispute with MillerCoors

New York Yankees, baseball, beer

Yer Out! MLB Tells the New York Yankees They Can’t Put Players’ Faces on Beer

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